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Teredont was written as a quick-and-dirty tool for disecting IPv6 tunnels. It listens on a mirrored(SPAN) port for known IPv6-over-IPv4 traffic and will try to decode the data, replay that data on another interface for other tools to read, and write a log of the various tunnels to a file. It was written for an older version of Scapy(1.1) on Centos 5(RHEL 5) systems and will need some updates for newer scapy versions.(In the works)

It will attempt to determine the tunneling technologies of:
  • 6over4
  • 6to4
  • 6to4\Anycast
  • Teredo
  • GRE tunnels containing IPv6 on IP proto 47
  • Python 2.4(www.python.org)
  • Scapy (http://www.secdev.org/projects/scapy/)
    Teredont comes with no warranties or endorsements... it was written to shim a problem. Conversely, this program neither warranties nor endorses anything either. Its free, as in beer, and if you make millions off this, please buy me one someday while telling me how.

    You can download the newest version here: teredont-1.5.tar.gz

    Please send me emails about any bugs.
      Known Bugs:
    • If daemoning the program doesn't work when running from a shell, make sure you detact it from your terminal with '&' or its equivalent in your shell.

  • If you like my software, help me make it better. Thank You.