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People have often suggested I make more of my side project software available since many people often have the same problems I do. The problem is that I neither have the time nor the ambition to regularly maintain these programs on some sort of schedule. I also don't want to be one of the multitudes of projects on Sourceforge that are too alpha to be worthwhile. A list of programs are below and all are licensed under the Gnu Public License or some other open source public license. They are supplied 'as is'. I take no responsibility if any computers are damaged or hacked using these tools.

I generally program in Python for its flexiblity and it's become my default language. All of these are written in Python unless labeled otherwise.

If you like my software, help me make it better. Thank You.

  • Placid
    Placid is a stateless CGI-based snortdb frontend. It has many of the same features(and some different ones besides) but takes much less overhead and doesn't require anything except apache and python. No PHP had to be beaten into submission in using this tool.

  • Teredont
    Teredont is a simple script to dissect IPv6-over-IPv4 tunnels and replay the packets for consumption by other programs.